(1) Main (1) BBS Related
LINERZ15.ZIP    7.4K SPiFF LiNERZZ! v1.5!All N
LISA16  .ZIP  159.6K CHAT WITH LISA! Virtual Sysop or BBS Hostess.Lisa will c
MENUS   .ZIP   15.2K What looks to be a completeset of Ansi menus for Sync
MENUS2  .ZIP    8.9K I am not sure what all this is. A bunchof asc menus, wit
MM_LJS10.ZIP    2.6K Synchronet 3.12a Last Few Callers logon.js replaceme
nr20b186.rar  121.3K NetRunner 
QBULLET .ZIP   15.4K QUICK Bulletins v1.15a NEW!Logon 
RIPIT101.ZIP   36.5K RIP It! TM 1.01 - Create RIP & ASC OptionalMenus for you
RUMOR1  .ZIP    7.9K SPiFFWARE Rumors 1.0 Rumors is
S2X10   .ZIP   11.4K SYN2XEN - SBBS to XeniaMailer Last CallerImporter for DO
SBBS0906.ZIP   29.2K Well here are all the menu filesthat I made for our sync
sbbsdoor.txt   34.6K sbbsdoor.txt
SBBSDOOR.ZIP   28.2K Quick Telnet Door Setup for Synchronet v3+-
SDUB1   .ZIP   51.3K SynchroNet Door Usage Graph/Bulletin Maker Version 1.0Up
sdwp314a.zip    1.0M A completely revamped design of theSynchronet default we
SLCNOV94.ZIP    2.8K X0F@X07@X0FThe @X0F@X0E@X0FSLCNOV94.ZIP BBSLIST is here!
SLINE12 .ZIP   13.1K Super Liners V 1.2 *+ Best Onel
STATS200.ZIP  220.0K SBBStats v2.0 - For Synchronet BBSMake TopTen Bulletins 
svdm03  .zip   64.3K svdm03.zip
TDYSYNC2.ZIP   40.1K Today SynchroNet version 2.0 isa Graphical BBS Usage Bul
zchat124.zip  489.1K ZChat Advanced Teleconference System.THE most full-featu

(1) Main (2) ANSI files
27inch02.zip  109.4K 1m 
ANSI330 .ZIP  121.5K ANSi Art Gallery v3.30 BBS Door Art /Graphicsdisplay pro
ANSIKEEP.ZIP  161.7K Some Of The Better ANSI Screens Ever! Someare animated.
Arcade-m.zip    7.0K Arcade-master.zip
BANG_SCR.ZIP   44.6K Current collection of ANSi and BBS screens. Ihave tried 
Blocktro.zip  244.5K Blocktronics-420.zip
blocktro.zip  158.7K blocktronics-67rpm.zip

(1) Main (3) Database Programs

(1) Main (4) Internet Related
mys112a4.rar    1.0M mys112a48_l32.rar
mys112a4.rar    1.0M mys112a48_l64.rar
mys112a4.zip    2.0M mys112a48_o64.zip
mys112a4.zip    1.9M mys112a48_p32.zip
mys112a4.zip    1.8M mys112a48_p64.zip
mys112a4.rar    1.7M mys112a48_w32.rar
mys112a4.rar    2.0M mys112a48_w64.rar
sbbs2-ma.zip    5.4M Synchronet Match Maker (BBS door) v2.10supports any DOOR.
sbbs2-ma.zip    5.3M Synchronet Match Maker (BBS door) v2.10supports any DOOR.
sbbs319b.zip   11.0M Synchronet v3.19b Internet BBS Softwarefor Windows XP/Vi
sbup319b.zip   18.5M Digital Distortion Upload Processor v1.00

(1) Main (5) Text Files
dove-net.txt   17.8K dove-net.txt
ibbs0524.zip    1.4M The Telnet & Dial-Up BBS Guide - 05/24 = = May 2
syncqnet.txt   21.6K syncqnet.txt
v319_new.txt   10.1K v319_new.txt

(1) Main (6) Communications Programs
nr21_l32.zip  152.2K 00101 01 v2.00 BETA 20 (Linux 32-bit)
nr21_l64.zip  155.4K 00101 01 v2.00 BETA 20 (Linux 64-bit)
nr21_w32.rar    1.0M 00101 01 v2.00 BETA 20 (Windows 32-bit)
nr21_w64.rar    1.2M 00101 01 v2.00 BETA 20 (Windows 64-bit)
SyncTERM.zip    6.0M SyncTERM-macOS-arm64.zip
SyncTERM.dmg   10.7M SyncTERM.dmg
syncterm.zip    3.2M syncterm.zip
syncterm.zip    3.7M syncterm64.zip

(1) Main (7) Utilities
EOB_EX41.ZIP   15.7K sync] eMatrix Login Menu v4.1 [eob]EXTREMELY CONFIGUR
FBLT11  .ZIP   11.6K Free Bullet v1.1, Complete Bulletin Program Using Light Ba
FWALL10 .ZIP    3.9K Free Wall v1.0, Complete BBS Wall Program Written in BAJA
GEDIT210.ZIP  396.6K Full-Screen Message Editor ForRa/QBbs/sbbs/ezy/pb, W/spe
GIV1PT2F.ZIP   63.6K GiView 1.2 - View SBBS logs in FULL color. NOW FREE. Gr
HELPGURU.ZIP    3.0K Online-help' guru, for Synchronet. Written by Echo
ibolsbbs.zip    2.4K Inter BBS Oneliners for Synchronet Compati

(1) Main (8) Door Games
7z2401x6.zip    1.5M 7z2401x64.zip
7zipx64 .zip    1.5M 7zipx64.zip
ac6-0950.zip  158.2K ac6-0950.zip
acd-sav .zip    4.4K Acidic Presents [SYNC]
ACDSAV3 .ZIP    9.0K Acidic Presents [SYNC]
AHPTELPC.ZIP    4.5K Telnet Connect for PCBoard!Allows inbound telnet access
BBSLink-.zip    6.6K add the BBSLink Games scores to your Synchronet BBS 3.17
BBSLST  .ZIP   45.8K BBS Lister door by enigma (v2.0)Lots of features, freewa
BBSLST12.ZIP   20.0K BBSList - Version 1.2BBSList is a database program for
bordelo..zip  479.2K Bordello!(BBS Door Game) version 1.42 
checkit3.zip  574.0K checkit3.zip
deathmas.zip  217.5K deathmasters.registered.zip
doormani.zip  644.3K DoorMania v4.05"-
dosutils..gz  643.2K ONEFOSsil, Revision 9, versatile single porthigh speed F
echolg15.zip  157.8K ECHOLOG Versi
eob_cbv1.zip   13.0K sync] Internet E-mail CBV v1 [eob]Simple Internet E-m
EOB_EM42.ZIP   16.5K sync] E-mail Lightbar Menu v4.2 [eob]update now! eli
exitilus.zip  610.1K Exitilus v3.16[-][ _
go136   .zip  255.7K Galactic Overlord 1.36 BBS Door Game GO is a game
go137b  .zip  325.2K Galactic Overlord 1.37 *BETA* BBS Door GameYou must have
jediknig.zip  156.6K Jedi Knights BBS Online Game Ver 1.00This Game is a RPG 
kannonsa.zip   86.0K Kannons & Katapults v4.4 by AlanDavenport is a shareware
LOTTO150.ZIP   65.6K Lottery Door * * for Synchronet BBS * * 
LOTTO155.ZIP   66.3K Lottery Door * * for Synchronet BBS * * 
LUCKY   .ZIP    4.3K Lucky Pick! Ver 1.0 Beta(C)opyright 1996 John PeppBaja
MAGIC_11.ZIP   98.2K MAGIC is a great card game by Wizardsof the Coast, Inc. 
mog100  .zip  549.0K Mines of Gorr v1.00 BBS Door GameMOG is the most advance
newyork2.zip  382.4K New York 2008 v1.00 FREEWARE FINAL REL
pc12    .arj   96.4K pc12.arj
PMAZE110.ZIP   60.9K P h r _ z e M _ z e ! Synchronet BBS Door=
PNT-BT40.ZIP  156.3K BoobyTrap BBS door v4.0 (reg'd).[1/1] 
pteos200.zip  281.0K Planets: TEOS V2.00 FULL RELEASE True interactive mul
rtb102  .zip  136.6K Roll the Bones 1.02 BBS Door GameRTB is a game of chance
scrabble.zip    1.4M Scrabble Door v1.0R - Multinode ReleaseBBS Door adaptati
SlyV_102.zip   50.5K SlyVote v1.02
SSSLOT15.ZIP   99.7K Super Slots v1.50a for Synchronet BBSv2.1xx. Drop in upg
SUPRSLOT.ZIP   71.6K Savage Super Slots for Synchronet BBSv2.10a. Game of cha
sWXr104 .zip   26.7K syncWXremix 1.04 -by- KenDB3 ~@#=-Javascript Wea
TBD104  .ZIP   90.4K The Beast's Domain v1.04 (UNREGISTERED)A multi-player, i
teos201b.zip  283.7K Planets: TEOS V2.01 - Doorgame True interactive mul
topcop.r.zip  446.7K The Library! v2.56 AOM Top Cop! v2.56Sysop configurable
ttt3j0  .zip    9.1K Tic Tac Toe BAJA style v3
Ttt3w322.zip  120.5K Tic Tac Toe XSDK WIN/32 v3.W
VB11    .ZIP   35.9K Voting Booth 1.1v Specifically madefor Synchronet with t
VB121   .ZIP   44.1K Voting Booth v1.21Specifically made for Synchronetwith
VBOOTH  .ZIP   32.9K Voting Booth (C)1994 Jean GaudreauThe door was compiled 
VOTESBBS.ZIP   47.5K NetWorx Ballot Box(c) 1993 NetWorx Software

(1) Main (10) Graphics Programs
adraw120.zip   76.8K ACiDDraw v1.20 is the latest drawing utilitywhich allows
ADRAW125.zip   81.6K ACiDDraw v1.25r ANSI Editor for DOS -The ultimate draw
ansilove-.gz   40.3K ansilove-4.1.4.tar.gz
ansilove-.gz   40.4K ansilove-4.1.5.tar.gz
ansilove-.gz   39.9K ansilove-4.1.6.tar.gz
ansilove-.gz   40.5K ansilove-4.1.7.tar.gz
ansilove-.gz   41.0K ansilove-4.2.0.tar.gz
libansilo.gz   58.3K libansilove-1.2.8.tar.gz
libansilo.gz   57.3K libansilove-1.2.9.tar.gz
libansilo.gz   57.8K libansilove-1.3.0.tar.gz
libansilo.gz   57.8K libansilove-1.3.1.tar.gz
libansilo.gz   60.9K libansilove-1.4.0.tar.gz
libansilo.gz   60.9K libansilove-1.4.1.tar.gz
Moebius .deb   49.0M Moebius.deb
Moebius .dmg   65.2M Moebius.dmg
Moebius .exe   86.8M Moebius.exe
Moebius .rpm   48.9M Moebius.rpm
Moebius..exe   86.9M Moebius.Setup.exe
REXPaint.zip  784.9K REXPaint-v1.70-ANSI.zip
REXPaint.zip  764.8K REXPaint-v1.70.zip
syncdraw.zip  494.7K syncdraw.zip
TDRAW463.ZIP  281.0K THEDRAW SCREEN EDITOR VERSION 4.63 - (10/93)A text-orien

(1) Main (11) Business Programs
bizbooks.zip   20.3K bizbooks.zip

(1) Main (12) Miscellaneous
AV610   .ZIP  231.7K ACiD View v6.1 for Microsoft Windows -
dos437  .zip   16.1K Perfect DOS VGA 437 - A true-type font forWindows that l

(2) Coco (1) Coco Rainbow Magazines
The_Rain.pdf   19.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   27.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf  101.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   80.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   61.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   50.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   43.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   24.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_01_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   42.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_03_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   20.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_03_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   22.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_03_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   32.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_03_1993.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   19.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   27.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   87.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   89.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1985.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   79.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   61.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   58.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   51.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   31.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   21.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   17.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   28.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_04_1993.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   64.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   35.5K The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   87.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   98.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1985.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   81.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   61.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   57.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   49.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   30.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   22.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   20.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf    4.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_05_1993.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   95.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   71.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   98.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   69.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   52.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   57.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   49.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   30.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   23.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   19.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_06_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf    1.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1981.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   15.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   88.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   84.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   84.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1985.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   75.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   51.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   57.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   49.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   27.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   20.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   18.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_07_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf    4.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1981.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   75.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   80.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   86.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1985.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   66.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   51.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   58.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   38.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   26.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   18.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   66.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_08_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   10.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1981.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   58.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   79.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   80.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   93.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1985.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   67.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   51.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   51.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   38.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   27.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   19.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   55.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_09_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf    7.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1981.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   34.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   80.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   76.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   70.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   54.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   50.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   65.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   28.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   17.2M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   51.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_10_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf    7.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1981.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   36.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   93.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1983.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   79.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   86.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1985.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   65.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   56.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   56.8M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   67.5M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   29.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1990.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   15.0M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1991.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   60.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_11_1992.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   10.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1981.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   94.7M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1982.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   86.1M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1984.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   64.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1986.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   56.3M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1987.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   56.9M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1988.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   69.4M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1989.pdf
The_Rain.pdf   39.6M The_Rainbow_Magazine_12_1992.pdf

(2) Coco (3) Coco Utility Programes
Blackout.zip   25.0K Blackout.zip
DFT     .zip   17.1K DFT.zip

(2) Coco (4) Coco Pokes n Peeks
500_Poke.pdf    4.3M 500_Pokes_Peeks_N_Execs_for_the_TRS-80_Color.pdf
Color_Co.pdf    5.3M Color_Computer_Operation_Manual_1980_Tandy.pdf
Color_Co.pdf   10.3M Color_Computer_Playground_1984_Fred_DIgnazio.pdf
rainbow-.par  180.0M rainbow-drivepak.par
rainbow-.zip    5.5M rainbow-drivepak.zip
TandysLi.pdf    3.8M TandysLittleWonder-2nded.pdf

(2) Coco (5) CoCoPI CoCo emulation RasPI
bal.AppImage   95.1M balenaEtcher-1.18.11-x64.AppImage
balenaEt.dmg   95.0M balenaEtcher-1.18.11.dmg
bal.AppImage   89.6M balenaEtcher-1.7.9-ia32.AppImage
balenaEt.exe  133.0M balenaEtcher-Portable-1.18.11.exe
balenaEt.exe  123.4M balenaEtcher-Portable-1.7.9.exe
balenaEt.exe  147.8M balenaEtcher-Setup-1.18.11.exe
CoCoPi-1.zip    1.5G CoCoPi-16GB-Unified-CommunityEdition-X-20210826.zip

269 Files Listed.